MAME has undergone some rare, but important changes in usage that users should be aware of. In particular, when many releases are skipped, things may suddenly appear broken, but there may have been a change a while back.

These changes may require you to modify your existing MAME setup to achieve the same behaviour as before the release.

Version Changes
0.229 The main executable is now called mame(.exe), not mame64(.exe), for all architectures.
0.227 Reimplemented Horizon RAMdisk may fail to load the older NVRAM file; backup to disk and restore recommended
0.213 The Geneve/EVPC mouse is unplugged by default; must be explicitly attached to the colorbus.
0.199 Geneve BIOS must be selected by the switch "-bios x.xx", not by DIP switches
0.199 GenMod is now a separate machine, not a configuration of the Geneve. Has its own ROM zip file (
0.186 The I/O port of the 99/4A is explicitly emulated. Device paths must be prefixed with "ioport" (like -ioport:peb:slot2).
0.174 ROM dumps are reorganized; requires to use new system ROM zips and cartridges. Older dumps are not accepted anymore.
0.174 The cartridge type "paged" is replaced by "paged12k" and "paged16k". Requires to replace affected RPKs.
0.165 The internal 16-bit 32K memory expansion is now off by default. Use the PEB card or turn it on in the OSD.
0.131 Cartridges are emulated by RPK files. Plain dumps ("cartc.bin", "cartg.bin") are not accepted anymore.
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